In the attached video “Top 5 Furnace Problems and How to Fix Them” by Word of Advice TV, the speaker addresses common furnace issues and offers practical solutions. The first problem discussed is a dirty flame sensor, causing the furnace to malfunction and enter lockout mode. It is advised to clean the sensor with a cleaning pad or dishwashing scrubby.

Another issue highlighted is a dirty furnace filter, leading to similar symptoms and potential lockout mode. The solution involves replacing the filter.

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J further covers problems related to a malfunctioning inducer motor, causing a pressure switch open code, and a bad blower motor. You are encouraged to consult their furnace user manuals for operation sequences and check the power supply to components before considering replacements.

The video also touches on a furnace cycling on and off, possibly due to a dirty air filter or thermostat settings. It is recommended to check and replace the filter if necessary, adjust thermostat settings, and consult a professional HVAC technician if issues persist. The comprehensive guidance equips homeowners to troubleshoot and address these common furnace problems effectively. Ultimately, the goal is to help homeowners complete a simple furnace repair on their own and call in a professional when more serious repair is needed.