In the video above, the reporter follows a step-by-step guide provided by a DIY enthusiast and his partner. They embark on an egress window installation project in a basement undergoing remodeling. The goal is to convert the space into a usable bedroom, potentially boosting the overall value of the house.

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The process kicks off with meticulous measurements and layout planning for the window and egress as well, emphasizing the need for ample space around the hole for concrete cutting and securing the well.

Despite encountering challenges like rain causing a section of the hole’s edge to collapse, they promptly clear the debris and prepare for the intricate task of cutting the concrete. Opting for professional assistance due to the complexity and safety concerns, the reporter observes the experts as they skillfully complete the cutting in a few hours. Post-cutting, drilling into the foundation, and integrating irrigation tubing for proper drainage are key steps, in ensuring the functionality of the egress as well.

The installation continues with concrete breaking, framing the new window, and securing it with meticulous attention to detail using specific tools like pressure-treated lumber and Ramset concrete spikes. As the project concludes with the successful attachment of the egress well, backfilling, and proper drainage implementation, significantly enhancing the basement’s livability and potentially increasing the property’s value.