With summer approaching, it’s a great time to make some long-awaited changes to your home. There were many home repair ideas to consider such as roof installations, landscaping updates, appliance repair, and more. When you’re a homeowner, you have no reason to be bored in summer, as there are too many ways you can turn your home into the Oasis you’ve been meaning to do during the other seasons. Read on for insight about which contractors you should hire to give your home the best summer updates possible.

New Roof Installation

Replacing your roof is a great summer home repair idea. Since your roof is part of your home’s exterior, it may be hard to make a necessary upgrade if you live in an area with cold weather in winter. With the skies clear and dry during the summer, it’s the perfect time to contact your local roofers to install the new roof you’ve been waiting a long time to install.

If you’ve had to make several repairs to your roof in the past, installing a new one is the best economical decision to make. It’s also safer to get a roof replacement because if a roof constantly needs updates, it means it’s in a weakened state. When you replace your roof, you have the chance to use better and more durable materials such as metal, slate, or ceramic tiles. As long as a metal or slate roof is properly installed, it can last the lifetime of your home and beyond. According to Bob Vila, your new metal roof may last you as long as 50 to 70 years with good maintenance.

Remodel Your Home

As you invest in home repair over the summer, you might as well hire a local interior designer to vamp things up. When you hire an interior designer for a remodeling project, they can make suggestions for more home repair updates you may not have considered. Remember, interior designers are specifically trained on how to make the best designs for a home. They’re very handy to have around because they act as the project managers for a home remodeling project. While you are in charge of your home and interior design, Professional allows you to let go of the reins for any home upgrades. In addition, they can take your Pinterest board and turn it into your home.

You can have the interior designer focus on one room like your kitchen or living room, or have them go wild all over your home. Some designers can even convert spaces such as your attic or basement to an extra living space you may not have imagined. Yes, that’s right, the basement conversions are all the rage and an interior designer is just the person to hire to ensure that your basement goes from a damp empty room into a proper guest bedroom or even an additional apartment that you could run out.

Plumbing Upgrades

A plumbing emergency isn’t necessary to call your local residential plumbing services. You can call a local plumber to make home repair updates to fixtures for better water efficiency. Did you know that you may be using as much as 5 gallons of water with every toilet flush, according to the EPA? A local plumber can install a dual flush toilet with one flush option for liquid waste and one for solid waste.

Don’t forget about the shower heads and faucets. You can have different water pressure options in the shower to use less water. If you’re tired of dealing with the film or scales that come with hard water, let your plumber install a water-softening system as well.

Keep in mind that it’s important to hire the proper professionals for any plumbing work. There’s nothing wrong with taking on a DIY project, but you need to know your limits. Be aware of the limitations your tools and experience pose. If you’re comfortable with power tools, building a shelf or other furniture could be a piece of cake for you, however, that doesn’t mean you’re equipped to handle electrical components. Most DIYers make mistakes when it comes to plumbing and electricity in particular. These are specialized fields that require years of training to handle properly. If you decide to forego calling your local plumber, it’s likely that you’ll either damage your systems or hurt yourself. Either way, you’re paying for repairs or hospital bills. You may think doing it yourself will save money, but that’s not usually the case.

When taking on larger projects, make a list of what you can do yourself and what you need to hire outside help for. Once again, be realistic. It’s better to be safe than sorry in these situations. You’ll save yourself time, money, and a headache by calling in the correct professionals from the start.

Update Your Refrigerator

You need your refrigerator to store food and keep items chilled all summer long. After all, you don’t want to drink hot beer or have your ice cream melt, do you? By hiring a local refrigerator repair service, you can ensure you have the best appliance available to keep food at the safest temperature and make sure nothing spoils.

If your existing refrigerator is old and outdated, you may want to have your refrigerator repair service install an Energy Star appliance. These Energy Star appliances are great for reducing your carbon footprint alongside your utility bills. According to steel manufacturers, stainless steel appliances are just as popular as ever.

Repair Your Foundation

Has your home suffered from a termite infestation? Was there water damage in recent years that you never fully repaired? If so, now’s the time to seek out a residential foundation repair service. Your home foundation holds up the house that you live in. You simply can’t afford to live in any structure that’s weak and can crumble at any moment. If there are any issues with your foundation, get them repaired immediately as a devastating issue can happen when you least expect it.

For example, if your roof’s foundation is weak, it could collapse into your home. What if that happens while your family is inside? Someone could seriously get hurt. If termites or mold has done severe damage inside your walls, your walls can also cave in at a moment’s notice. Do you have any overgrown trees in your landscape? Overgrown tree roots can also uplift your house foundation unless you hire an arborist to remove the tree.

Bathtub Resurfacing

Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean you won’t want to relax in your bathtub. If you have one of those nice deep soaking clawfoot bathtubs, you shouldn’t let it go to waste just because it no longer looks the way it used to. When it comes to summer home repair, call a bathtub repair service.

A local bathtub repair service can restore your tub to mint condition. The contractors will resurface your tub to get rid of any chipped paint or nasty-looking stains. When contractors finish the job, it may look as if you bought a new bathtub without spending money on a new one.

Update Your Electrical System

Electricity is there to make your home comfortable as well as power all those electrical devices you and your family love to use. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re not overusing your electrical grid. The last thing you want is frayed wires that can become a fire hazard. In other words, don’t wait until an emergency happens. Contact residential electrical services for an inspection and upgrade as part of your home repair schedule to make sure everything checks out.

If you have a large family that uses tons of electronics, it’s easy to have a power outage if you’re not careful. Depending on when you bought your home, your electrical grid may not have the proper wattage that you need to safely charge TVs, computers, and large appliances. However, your local electrician can do a very useful renovation by updating that grid so you have the proper wattage. That way if you have a family movie night in which you put up your movie screen in the basement or have Game Night where everyone’s playing the PlayStation, you can have some ease that you’re not overpowering your grid and causing a blackout.

Build a New Kitchen

A kitchen remodeling is the ideal project for your summer home repair. Your kitchen can be the center of your home. After all, it may be the room that all of your family tends to spend the most time in. It’s where you cook and store your food. It may also be the space where you’re more likely to entertain or have chats and coffee with friends and neighbors.

A new kitchen can include modern-day updates such as a double island. You can resurface your existing cabinets or remove them and replace them with open shelving. Open shelving options can include existing cabinets with the doors removed or beautiful floating shelves. Don’t forget about your kitchen appliances. As mentioned, Energy Star appliances can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. If you still have appliances dating back to the 80s or 90s, now is the time to make the jump to steel appliances and not look back.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Don’t underestimate the importance of a functional HVAC system for your home. Can you imagine what would happen if your AC unit broke down in the middle of summer? Heat stroke is a real threat that affects Americans and kills people every year. If you have little kids, pets, or elderly family members in your home, they’re more vulnerable to heat stroke. Of course, the same happens in winter. The last thing you want is to have to cover up under a bunch of blankets in the dead of winter because your heating system is working your home as it should.

Call a local HVAC repair company to install a new unit if your existing one is too old or needed several repairs over the years. When it comes to affordable renovations, you can save more when you buy a new AC unit instead of repairing an existing one. Installing a new unit also gives you a chance to make sure you have the most energy-efficient one available. With Energy Star products for appliances and AC units, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utility bills.

Update Your Garage

Did you know you could do more with your garage than store vehicles? Sure, it’s there to protect your vehicles from the outside elements and to ensure that no one steals them. However, you can remove them for a day and let professional floor contractors finish off your garage floor with Epoxy coating.

Your summer home repair needs should also include garage door repair. If your garage appears to be malfunctioning. Signs of a door that needs repairs include creaking, popping, and other loud noises. Over time, your door may become worn down and begin moving slower. At times, it may stall at the wrong time. That’s a sign it’s time to look into garage door replacements. The last thing you want is for your garage door to stop at the wrong time, especially while you’re moving your vehicle out.

Safety is also a concern when it comes to repairing your garage door. Remember, your garage door is very heavy. So if it were to suddenly come down upon you, another person, or a car, it can cause devastating injuries or damage. Such injuries to someone may be life-changing or even fatal. If your car gets damaged, you may have to replace it or pay for someone else’s car that it happens to. So protect yourself and your family from any liability or safety issues by investing in garage door repair as part of your home repair schedule for the summer.

You can also replace your garage door for purely aesthetic reasons. Your garage is one of the first things people see outside your home. In other words, it plays a role in your curb appeal. If you’ve put a lot of work into your front yard, power wash your exterior, or just added a fresh paint job, having a dirt and rickety garage door can become an eyesore and stand out for the wrong reasons.

You should take care of your home year-round. However, summer is the ideal time to make all the necessary home repair updates that you’ve been putting off. You can make your garage safer again. Rebuild a new kitchen or hire an interior decorator to revamp your entire property. Whatever you decide to do with your home over the summer, you have several repair options to consider. So make sure you have fun, make as many updates as you can, and hired the right people to do their job.