Cracks in a concrete foundation can be a cause for concern, but homeowners need not worry. In this insightful video, expert advice is provided on how to tackle foundation wall repair. The guidance provided by the experts at This Old House empowers homeowners with the knowledge to effectively address foundation cracks.

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The video demonstrates a step-by-step process, beginning with the preparation of the crack. Cleaning out loose material and debris is essential to ensure a successful repair. Next, the video shows how to apply a concrete bonding adhesive to the crack, which helps the repair material adhere to the existing concrete.

Following the adhesive application, viewers are guided on how to mix and apply a hydraulic cement compound. This fast-setting material is ideal for repairing foundation cracks, as it can expand to fill the gap and create a watertight seal. The video emphasizes the importance of working quickly and accurately, as hydraulic cement sets rapidly.

Once the cement has been applied, the final step is to smooth the surface using a trowel, ensuring a seamless finish. With the help of the video’s expert guidance, homeowners can gain the confidence to tackle foundation wall repair themselves, ultimately protecting their property’s structural integrity.