Dream master bathrooms can seem far away, but they are possible. You can turn your bathroom from a simple space into a personal, luxurious, relaxing spa with a few creative tips. If you want to create the perfect bathroom in your master suite, below are some ideas to consider.

Clean Your Bathroom

Most homeowners don’t need to go far to realize their dream master bathrooms; instead, they need to clean them up. Cleaning your bathroom can leave it looking new and smelling nice and fresh, improving its aesthetic appeal. It can also help to make your home safe – according to Angi, dirty bathrooms are a breeding ground for bacteria.

So, how can you clean your master bathroom and turn it into a dream space? First, you need to clear all the clutter and get rid of items that are not needed, such as empty shampoo bottles. Next, vacuum the bathroom to pick up dirt, dust, and debris.

You should also focus on surfaces like countertops, sinks, faucets, door knobs, windows, shower screens, toilets, walls, floors, etc. In addition, you should wipe down your shampoo and conditioner bottles, toothbrush holder, and any other surface where germs could hide.

Another tip to keep your bathroom nice and clean is to scrub critical areas such as the bathtub, shower floors, and walls. These often accumulate dirt and gunk, giving your bathroom an unsightly appearance. If your master bathroom needs urgent care, consider hiring a cleaning company for professional deep cleaning services.

Take Care of the Plumbing

Bathroom plumbing problems can wreak havoc on your master bathroom, turning it into a space you want to avoid. Therefore, if you need ideas for creating dream master bathrooms, taking care of plumbing issues is a good start.

One of the top plumbing issues that you should take care of for your master bathroom is the drains. Your drains can get clogged without proper maintenance, leading to expensive repairs. Clogged drains can also make your bathroom unusable due to stagnant water. It can also create offensive odors that spread throughout your entire home. Therefore, you need to hire drain cleaning services on a routine basis to ensure that your bathroom drains are clean and operating efficiently.

Another plumbing issue that you should stay on top of is leaks. Leaking bathroom water can lead to mold and mildew growth – a serious health hazard. It can also damage your home’s floor, foundation, and ceilings, which can be expensive. Therefore, you should always call for emergency plumbers whenever you have an issue in your bathroom to prevent it from worsening.

Lastly, it would help if you stayed on top of other plumbing issues in the home – as they can also affect your master bathroom. For example, a clogged kitchen drain might cause water to back up into your bathroom drain, causing damage.

Renovate the Shower and Bathtub

Updating the shower and bathtub is one of the top ways of creating dream master bathrooms. Refreshing these areas can improve your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, functionality, and safety. In addition, master bathroom remodeling is one of the best ways to add value to your home – such renovations have a high return on investment of up to 70%.

One of the top ideas for remodeling your master bathroom is to refinish your refinishing your bathtub. Hiring a bathtub refinisher can help fix cosmetic issues such as discoloration, rust stains, chips, and cracks. This can give your bathtub – and your master bathroom a fresh, new look. Refinishing your tub is also more cost-effective – according to Forbes, refinishing a bathtub costs about $480 compared to the $5,600 for replacing one.

You can also give your master bathroom a new look by redoing the shower. You can choose from several trendy shower design ideas, such as installing a custom prefabricated shower, which will cost you between $700 and $3,000. Other top ideas for a shower remodel include installing a glass shower door or ditching the door and curtain for a walk-in shower.

Remodel the Flooring

Bathroom floor remodeling can be expensive – according to Porch, a floor replacement can cost between $1,500 and $8,000. However, it is also one of the top ideas for creating dream master bathrooms. A new floor can upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your master bathroom, making it appear more elegant and luxurious. Additionally, when redoing the floors, you can increase the size of your bathroom or change the layout, thus improving its functionality.

The shower tiles are one of the top areas to focus on when redoing the flooring. If the current tiles are worn out, installing new ones can brighten up your master bathroom. One of the top shower flower tiles ideas to consider is using bright white or neutral-colored tiles. However, you can also use colors for your tiles, from bold, dark shades that improve the personality of your bathroom, to bright colors that make it livelier.

Besides the shower tiles, updating the flooring in other areas of your master bathroom can also give you the dream look you’ve always desired. You can choose from several flooring materials, including ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles. Another excellent idea is to use terrazzo tiles – one of the hottest bathroom tile design trends in 2023.

Lastly, when remodeling your bathroom, you should also consider waterproofing your flooring. A waterproof floor helps to avoid floor and foundation damage – which can occur due to spilled water or a leak. It also prevents the growth of mold and mildew on your bathroom floors, which can be a serious health hazard.

Update the Walls

If you want more ideas to create dream master bathrooms, consider updating the walls. Like with flooring, walls are vital to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, and refreshing them can help to make the space more luxurious looking and relaxing.

Of course, the shower walls will be one of your top concerns when improving the bathroom walls. Replacing the shower tile walls can significantly uplift the look and feel of your master bathroom. According to Modernize, replacing shower wall tiles will cost between $1,800 and $4,000.

You can choose different materials for your wall tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, and terrazzo. Likewise, you can experiment with different color options, from bright white, neutrals, dark shades, and bright colors. You can even install the exact tiles you used on your shower floors – or look for ones with a similar design and color.

Besides the shower walls, another remodeling idea for your master bathroom is to renovate the other walls in the room. One of the best ways of doing this is to hire a painting company to apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls. In addition, you can use ideas like painting an accent wall to add style to your master bathroom.

Lastly, installing wallpapers on the walls is another excellent idea to spruce up your master bathroom. According to a survey conducted by Fixr, wallpapers are one of the top bathroom design trends for 2023. In addition, wallpapers are inexpensive (costing between $180 to $300 per roll) and can have aesthetic benefits similar to a new coat of paint or installing new wall tiles.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures

Fixtures can add finesse, which can help make the bathroom look more expensive. In addition, they can also improve the functionality, comfort, convenience, and safety of your bathroom. Therefore, if you want ideas to create dream master bathrooms, try upgrading the fixtures.

One of the top upgrades you can consider for your master bathroom is replacing the toilet. A new toilet can make your bathroom appear more stylish and offer functional benefits such as saving water. It’s also an inexpensive upgrade, costing you between $200 and $850. You can also upgrade your toilet by installing a bidet, thus adding great style to your bathroom. A bidet is also more hygienic than toilet paper and can help enhance your experience when using the toilet.

Replacing the water heater and shower head are two other cool upgrades in your master bathroom. A new water heater can ensure you get just the right temperature, while a new shower head can offer a more fun and relaxing showering experience. For a new showerhead, you can expect to spend between $50 and $500. On the other hand, a water heater replacement will cost you between $600 and $3500 – depending on whether it is a tank or tankless system.

Lastly, upgrading the light fixtures is another top idea for creating dream master bathrooms. Good lighting can improve the room’s mood, creating a more relaxing and uplifting atmosphere, thus, enhancing your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Some top lighting ideas include ceiling lights, wall lights, pendant lights, and vanity lights.

Add Décor Items in Your Bathroom

Cosmetic remodels are another excellent way to create dream master bathrooms. And one of the top cosmetic improvements you can make is to add or replace your bathroom décor. With these changes, you can give your master bathroom an instant makeover, turning it into a beautiful haven.

Adding a mirror is one of the top décor ideas for your bathroom. Mirrors are a great design feature that can make your master bathroom feel brighter and more spacious by reflecting light and creating an illusion. And as a bonus, having a mirror above the sink is great for seeing your straight teeth when brushing or flossing.

Another idea for decorating your bathroom is to install art pieces. For example, you can add hanging wall art, which adds texture and dynamic to your otherwise bare bathroom walls. Additionally, you can add some houseplants in the bathroom – the greener will help to add color, texture, and personality to your master bathroom.

Lastly, upgrading various hardware pieces can make your bathroom look more stylish and elegant. Items such as door knobs, towel racks, toilet flush handles, and shower caddies can also be decorative – on top of improving their functionality. Therefore, replacing them is one of the top ways to decorate your master bathroom.

Upgrade the Vanity

Remodeling the vanity is another excellent idea for creating dream master bathrooms. According to a survey by Houzz in 2022, vanity upgrades are one of the top bathroom remodeling projects. The increasing popularity of vanity improvements can be attributed to visual appeal, which helps make the bathrooms more attractive. Additionally, they offer storage, which helps to increase organization and functionality.

One of the best ways to remodel your bathroom vanity is to refinish it. You can hire cabinet painters to repaint or re-stain the cabinets, helping them look new again. Changing the cabinetry hardware can also make your cabinets look more stylish. According to Porch, a cabinet refinishing project will cost you between $577 and $1,283.

Besides refinishing, you can replace your vanity, giving your master bathroom a new and improved look. For your new vanity unity, you can choose from different stylish materials such as wood, plywood, and PVC (for the cabinets). For the vanity surface, marble is a popular choice – according to Fixr. Other excellent options include granite, solid wood, tile, quartz, stone, and laminate. Depending on your chosen materials (and other factors such as size), vanity replacement costs between $300 and $4,000.

Lastly, you can improve your vanity by replacing the vanity sink, which can improve the appeal of your master bathroom. Replacing the faucets is another excellent idea, as it can help add to the room’s visual appeal. New faucets can also offer functional benefits such as preventing leaks and better water pressure.

Improve the Air Quality

Another excellent way to create dream master bathrooms is to improve the air quality. A bathroom with good air quality is comfortable and relaxing – which can help enhance its overall appeal. Improving air quality in your master bathroom can also help with excess humidity, mold, mildew, foul odors, and airborne pollutants.

One of the ways to improve the air quality in your master bathroom is to hire HVAC services to install, repair, or replace your ventilation. Bathroom ventilation helps to remove the stuffy air, which gets rid of foul odors. It also removes excess moisture and airborne particles, making your bathroom air safe. Good airflow also helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Maintaining your bathroom’s ventilation is another excellent way to improve air quality. The vents and exhaust fan must be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and debris and prevent clogging. You should also consider gutter installation for your home to ensure that rainwater doesn’t run off the rooms and enter your bathroom vents, which can lead to poor air quality, not to mention water damage to your floors.

Other ideas for improving the bathroom air quality include using a fan to increase air movement and installing a dehumidifier. Placing plants and an essential oil diffuser is also another excellent idea to keep your master bathroom smelling fresh and pleasant. And if you’re worried about your bathroom being cold, you can install heated floors, which can warm the air during cold seasons.

If you’re considering a master bath remodel, the tips above can help create dream master bathrooms. With these ideas, you can improve the look, functionality, and comfort of your master bathroom, giving it a spa-like fee. These ideas can also increase the value of your home, which can be helpful if you’re looking to sell or refinance.