What’s more beautiful than a bright blue pool playing against the vibrant colors of a lush green lawn? Few things represent summer quite like these brilliant colors. However, a pool is an investment that does wear over time. You might need to replace the liner in your inground pool. Before you attempt this, watch the YouTube video “How to replace an inground pool liner.” It takes viewers through the steps of replacing their pool liners.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Pool Liner

Your inground pool liner retains water inside your pool for many years. It will eventually become thin and brittle.

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It may also become damaged from exposure to pool chemicals and UV rays. The average life span of your inground pool liner should be five to nine years. However, if it’s low quality, it may be less than this. There are a few signs that your pool liner needs to be replaced. Firstly, you may start to notice cracks or tears in the liner. Secondly, if the liner looks faded, it may be time to replace it. Thirdly, water leaks are signs that you should replace your pool liner. Finally, if you notice wrinkles or stretching in the liner, it’s time to replace it.