In the world of interior designing, there are two types of colors. The first is a trendy color that changes each year and becomes the trend for that particular year. The second color will trend for a decade and become the theme for that particular decade. But, as the YouTube video below cautions, not all trending colors are worth the risk.

The color of this decade seems to be green. Some greens are rich, bold, and fun, while others are dramatic, electric, and brilliant.

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When a particular color trends for a decade, that color will often trickle down to other areas in the interior design world, such as upholstery, flooring, and accents. Selecting a new color for an accent wall, room, or theme in a home can be challenging.

Painters may advise against using certain colors for accent walls or avoiding a particular color for the bathroom. This season is no exception. There are certain colors that painters feel homeowners may regret later. Especially since interior walls are painted every three to five years. It’s best to update knowledge of trending interior colors of the year and which trending colors are best avoided. When in doubt, always consult a specialist in the field.