Homeowners might be tempted to have a professional replace cracked or broken glass in their windows. Doing it yourself only requires a couple of tools, putty, and, of course, glass. Here’s how to do home window repair.

Step One: Remove Old Glazing

Whether the window is single, double, or triple paned, which is called glazing, the word also means what holds the panes into the window. You’ll take your sharp-edged putty knife and gently scrape off the old putty between the putty and the wood.

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Tip: Heat helps loosen old glazing, but it also weakens glass, so be careful.

Step Two: Remove The Glass

Apply duct or masking tape in an “X” across the pane. Gently tap the pane so that it comes loose. If the pane shatters, the tape will hold it together long enough for you to get it out.

Tip: Wear leather gloves and a plastic shield over your head. Broken glass can cause ER-visit troubles, so protect yourself.

Step Three: Cut New Glass

Of course you took measurements before removing the old glass. Apply those measurements to a new pane of freshly cleaned glass and cut it. You’ll need a glass cutter to score the glass right down the straight edge. Carefully separate the glass using a dowel and press down on the glass.

Step Four: Putting in New Glass

A soft bed of putty into which the glass will rest should be applied first. Make sure the glass seals well into the putty before it dries. When it does, apply more putty to keep water and air from getting around the glass. Scrape away excess glazing, and you’re done.

Professionals can effect home window repair in half the time it takes you to do it yourself. However, when push comes to shove, now you know how to repair your own windows. It costs less, too.