As the summer heat intensifies, so does the workload on our air conditioning units. A functioning AC is essential for comfort during the hot months, especially in areas like St. Louis, where temperatures can soar. However, even the best-maintained units can encounter problems. Understanding the most common issues can help you diagnose and potentially prevent costly air conditioner repair in St. Louis.
Bad Capacitor Tops the List
The leading cause of AC malfunctions, based on a study of service calls, is a bad capacitor within the condenser unit. This small but crucial component helps start the air conditioner by storing and releasing electrical energy. Symptoms of a failing capacitor include a bulging top or, in rare cases, a top that has popped off, releasing dielectric grease. Sometimes, the capacitor may appear normal but still be faulty, requiring a meter to test or a straightforward replacement. Factors accelerating capacitor failure include dirty condenser coils and filters, underscoring the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance.

Low Refrigerant Levels
Second on the list is air conditioning units low on refrigerant, a sign that there’s a leak in the system. Since AC units are sealed systems, refrigerant should not escape under normal conditions. Finding the leak can be challenging, as it could be anywhere in the system. Repairing a leak can be costly, leading some to opt for annual refills instead. However, this is a temporary solution to a problem that requires a permanent fix, often involving professional air conditioner repair in St. Louis.
Other Notable Issues
Plugged condensate drains and bad control boards also rank high among common AC problems, causing water leaks and erratic system behavior, respectively. Similarly, a burnt-out condenser fan motor can prevent the fan from running, leading to an overheated and non-functional unit.
Less common but equally problematic are issues like very dirty furnace filters, which restrict airflow and can cause the system to freeze up. Regularly changing the filter can prevent this issue and improve the overall efficiency of your AC.
While some AC problems can be resolved with DIY fixes, others require the expertise of professionals. Air conditioner repair in St. Louis is readily available for when these common issues surpass the realm of simple maintenance and enter the territory of complex mechanical or electrical repair.
Knowing the most common AC problems can help you identify and address issues early, potentially saving you from the discomfort of a malfunctioning unit during the hottest days. Regular maintenance and timely professional assistance are key to keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly all summer long.