A new home is a good investment for your family; you no longer have to worry about monthly rent. But you must do some alterations and repairs to make your home more livable. Although home modifications are done for the sake of people with physical limitations, you can do it for all household members’ comfort. That said, here are 9 unique home modifications for your family.

1. Install Plantation Shutters

Windows are essential for your house because they allow light and air into the room. So, whenever you plan to revamp the home interior, consider the window project as one of the home modifications for your family. You need to swap the curtains for better and hassle-free window treatments.

Getting custom plantation shutter will create the aesthetic appeal of your home. Plantation shutters come with a wide range of benefits to homeowners. Since they are made of insulation material, they can regulate the house temperatures. Plantation shutters are installed on the window sill and can be tilted from fully closed to fully open.

Plantation shutters can be angled anywhere between full close and fully open to regulate the amount of light and air entering the room. It’s for this reason they are popular among homeowners. Secondly, they have a classic and timeless design because you can get them in polyvinyl chloride or wood-plastic composite. They are also available in different designs and colors that match your home decor.

Plantation shutters are also easier to clean than curtains. Normally, you clean curtains by removing them and putting them in the laundry machine. But for plantation shutters, you only need a damp cloth to wipe the slats. This makes cleaning easy and less time-consuming.

Plantation shutters also add value to a home. The modern style gives your home a new look, which can attract a potential buyer if you list your property. Their curb appeal can increase your return on investment. Finally, the wood used in plantation shutters protects against the outside noise, making the home quieter and more peaceful for better sleep.

2. Backyard House Trailer

According to Forbes, the United States has over 43,000 manufactured housing communities (mobile homes). Mobile homes can make the best home modifications for your family. For instance, you can use these house trailers for extra living space. Sometimes when you get stressed, you can excuse yourself and take a nap in the house trailer during the day.

However, the presence of the mobile home in the backyard can give your home a new look. And you can haul this trailer whenever you plan a family holiday camping. Rather than carrying a tent, you can go with the mobile home to make the experience unique. Mobile homes have bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and all other features found in a permanent home.

On the other hand, if you need a special place to hold family talks, a home trailer can give you a better experience. You can use it as an outdoor relaxing place rather than building an extra patio within your yard. When it comes to maintenance, mobile homes are cheaper. You’d spend less on trailer repair because it’s hauled occasionally.

Despite a trailer being one of the affordable home modifications for your family, you must confirm with the relevant authorities before hauling it to the yard. Different states and cities have different mobile home regulations. In some states, putting a house trailer in your backyard might be illegal.

3. Home Workspace

A home workspace is one of the crucial home modifications for your family. Family members with physical limitations can comfortably work from home rather than commute daily. Additionally, a home workspace can increase your home value if you plan to sell it. Workspace also helps condition your mind for productivity during work.

A home office doesn’t need complex modifications like the workspaces for attorneys. You don’t need a cloud-based system to share files with your family. But a quiet and cool place is ideal for productivity if you work from home or need a space to work part-time during the evening.

Further, a home workspace helps you create a work-life balance. You can set some hours to interact with your family or pick up children from school during the evening hours. Dedicated workspaces will help you reduce distractions and focus on your daily work. So, if you work from home as a family, you’ll feel like you’re seated at the office desk.

Finally, a home workspace helps you maintain a sense of discipline as a family. A workspace set in the basement and the soundproofed area will make everyone maintain discipline. Finally, Remodel Reality reports a home office designed with workspaces can increase the home value by 8% to 10%.

4. Outdoor Patios

According to Extra Space Storage, a well-designed patio can add from 8 to 10% to home value. Moreover, it can increase the return on investment by 80%. According to their report, if you choose to refinish or repair an existing patio, you’d spend around $1400 and get a return on investment of up to 500%. But your main aim should be patio home modifications for your family, so let’s delve into the benefits it can give to family members.

An outdoor patio creates the home’s curb appeal. Most homes are judged by the exterior design because the exterior is what guests see as the first impression. Most patios have screens and roofing. And are normally used for holding talks, entertainment, and relaxation when one feels they need the outdoor experience.

Patios also give more privacy than balconies. Most buildings’ balconies are higher than the surrounding fencing, so everyone in the neighborhood can spot you on the balcony. You can plant some climbing plants around the patio to balance the artificial with the natural for a great experience. Relaxing with the family during the weekend as you feel the evening breeze with the family is the most amazing moment you can experience.

Patios cost less money than any other addition to a home. You only need a concrete company to lay the foundation with better drainage and safety. The foundation is the only thing that can be costly in patio building because of leveling the yard. Other materials like siding and screens are cheaper and easy to install.

5. Set Up a Home Salon

If you have a certification in cosmetology, set up a home salon and make some extra cash from home. Since covid 19 pandemic brought about restrictions, there has been a significant change in the economy. As such, you’d want to start a salon at your home and avoid the rent costs and taxes. Most people who establish businesses at home get exempted from some taxes by the federal government.

With that said, you can set up a salon as one of the home modifications for your family. You’ll offer your spouse and children free services and save some money as a household. Secondly, if you are starting up or practicing your skills, you’ll have a good time building the skills before you can market your brand.

On the other hand, you can start teaching your children some basics of cosmetology before they can join beauty schools. Having basic knowledge can ease their theory and practical studies at college. However, you must follow a few steps when starting a home salon. Ideally, have the room renovated first, then investigate the legal side.

Visit relevant offices like the National Construction Authority and the Homeowners Association to learn whether home business restrictions exist. Also, seek attorney help to know which zoning issues to address and the permits you must have to start the business. After obtaining the relevant permits, move to the nearby supply stores and purchase relevant equipment for the start-up. Afterward, print flyers or create an online marketing strategy to get clients.

6. A Home Aerial Rig

Aerial rigging is setting up equipment for human exercise and fitness. Aerial exercise activities involve aerial circuses, human flying, and aerial dance. You can set up this equipment in the yard for outdoor practices, especially if you have training because safety is required in this field.

The first aerial fitness rig you can practice as a family is a pole. Poles help build tons of muscles as well as maintain weight. This exercise increases body flexibility and boosts confidence with time. At the start-up, you can apply pole style as you gain confidence for other complex exercises.

The other type of aerial fitness you can try is the hammock. This low-impact workout is popular among many people and is great for most fitness levels. It’s ideal for anyone who wants a challenge, especially during the weekend when you need to refresh your mind. This exercise focuses on stability, core strength, and upper body strength.

Lyra hoop is also ideal for fitness, done inside a hoop suspended in the air. You’ll fit yourself in a hoop and perform some poses believed to burn 300 to 400 calories per hour. This will help you increase your metabolic rate, build muscles, and promote flexibility, and body balance. After the rig exercises, you can do yoga to soothe the tension.

A home aerial rig is one of the best home modifications for your family. You’ll save time and money heading to the gym and, at the same time, perform body exercises. However, rig fitness exercise may not be recommended for children under the age of 8 years. The most common risks associated with aerial rigs are injuries.

7. Modern Yard

A yard contains vegetation and is the best place for the family to connect with nature. As such, redesigning your yard can be one of the best home modifications for your family. Tree trap dust and other harmful powders from the surrounding environment. They also release oxygen, making the home a cool place to relax.

A yard can be the best place for your family to practice gardening skills. For instance, you can learn pruning, planting flowers, and identifying infected plants. Further, you can practice mowing. If you have a farm tractor, you can go for mowing tractor attachments for sale and mount them for your family members to have fun.

A yard can also be a good place for family sports. You can contact golf cart dealers and purchase two golf carts for your family. This will be the best investment because golf carts can carry more people than ATVs. Although golf carts are not designed for off-roading, you can modify them and extend the family fun.

8. Quality Bedding Sets

Other home modifications for your family are decor and bedding sets. Children can experience weather changes during summer and winter and get the flu as their bodies adapt. As such, you’d want to renovate their bedrooms and make them more safe and comfortable. Bedding sets are the first things you should consider before setting up heaters and other devices like smoke detectors.

Purchase high-quality bedsheets and cooling pillow cases. Cooling pillows help manage body temperatures during hot seasons, so your kids will not struggle at night due to heat buildup. Cooling pillows can cost around $20 to $50, depending on the technology used. On the other hand, good quality bed sheets can go for $50 to $200.

9. Backyard Slackers Swinglines

You wouldn’t perform home renovations and leave your young ones out. Your preschool kids need a slacker swingline which is a perfect introductory line since young ones tend to have much energy. With these lines around the yard, you’ll encourage children to stay outdoors during summer as they play around. You’ll be surprised to learn how they organize themselves in these swinging games.

Medically, swinging helps the children’s brains develop skills like rhythm, balance, muscle control, and spatial awareness. Engage them slowly during the introductory process as they get used to the lines. Even a quiet moment in the swing can help them regulate their sensory system. On the other hand, adults can also use these swing lines for refreshments.

Doing home modifications for your family can help the physically challenged and older people perform their activities easily at home. Additionally, children can develop their skills at home, and adults can perform fitness exercises. Slackers swing lines and aerial rigs are some of the investments your family needs — all the best as you invest in your family’s well-being.