Homeowners have many things to maintain, including their HVAC unit. However, air conditioning repair can be expensive. That’s okay, though! This video will show you everything you need to know to complete one of the most common repairs your AC will need.

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This video will cover everything you need to know, including safety information. We’ll remind you to turn off the breaker and take extra safety precautions. We’re all for saving money with DIY repairs, but you should always be safe when completing your repairs.

On top of that, we’ll show you every step to take, from which tools to use to what parts of the AC unit to take off. Then, you’ll see one of the main components of your air conditioner: the capacitor. These small components commonly need replacing, and you can easily replace them without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

This common air conditioning repair is easy for you to do yourself. We’ll show you every wire and what to do with it. You’ll also learn how to test the capacitor to determine if you need a new one. Check out the rest of the video now to learn this fantastic new skill. We think that you’ll be glad you did.