It can happen to anyone. You toss a few boxes into the back of your garage and promise yourself that you’ll organize them come the weekend. Only, weeks pass, more boxes pile up, and suddenly your garage is overflowing with random odds and ends. Fortunately, by reorganizing your garage, you can cut down on clutter and free up space. This is especially true if you use custom garage storage solutions.

Simple shelving can go a long way. With many garages, floor space is always in short supply and high demand.

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However, vertical space is often more freely available. The trick is freeing it up through the use of shelves and other systems that can leverage available vertical space. With custom garage storage shelves, you can design shelves that maximize space and increase convenience.

The right totes and storage boxes can also make it a lot easier to keep things safe and efficiently stored. The fact is, if something gets tossed into a cardboard box, that box won’t provide much protection. Glass items could quickly get broken, moths could damage clothing, and many other problems can emerge. The right storage containers, on the other hand, can mitigate risks while also keeping things tidy.

Make sure that you have a good labeling system in place, however, as that’ll make it easier to find stuff.